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Flowers with Wings
{lonely is the wind without butterflies}

In the years 2006 and 2007 I have had great success in rising Monarch Butterflies to raise their population levels to help off-set the massive killing of them further south.  This is the index page for my efforts and it is hoped that many more in the community will join in as we all share the beautiful results and
filling the air with winged flowers.

I give wings to butterflies!

How to make a Monarch Butterfly garden
get free
Butterfly Bush!

Thanks to Mississauga Community Support.

The pages noted below are filled with pictures, taken on each day to show exactly what was taking place and what I discovered along the way.  It also answers most questions people would have about how to raise Monarch Butterflies and what to expect.


Monarch Butterfly Rescue!    -    2006    = ??? released

Monarch Butterfly Rescue!    -    2007    = 167 released

Monarch Butterfly Rescue!    -    2008    = 452 released

Monarch Butterfly Rescue!    -    2009    = 104 released

Monarch Butterfly Rescue!    -    2010    = 291 released

Monarch Butterfly Rescue!    -    2011    = 121 released

Monarch Butterfly Rescue!    -    2012    = 105 released

Monarch Butterfly Rescue!    -    2013    = ??? released

Barber’s Butterfly Banquet.
{ Bed - Breakfast & Babies }
Officially, in 2013, as the first Internationally Certified & Registered,
Monarch Butterfly Migration Waystation in Mississauga- in fact - for all of PEEL!!
Made possible by Mississauga Community Support.

Grand Total of Monarch Butterflies Released = 1,240 - { at least. }

A butterfly scoop for the Friends of the Cawthra Bush

Point Pelee National Park - on the north shore of Lake Erie is called migration funnel because birds of all kinds and Monarch Butterflies travel along the shore and then out into the lake along the Pelee peninsula, making the distance to the south shore shorter.  So every year it is quite the sight to visit and by all accounts the largest gathering place of Monarch Butterflies in Canada, at one time.  I have visited in 2008 and of course it was too late in season - not a one did I see!  But did see the great set-up that the visitor Center has, for all ages, especially the kids.
Their Monarch Migration Calendar, of some use.
And lets not forget - The Friends of Point Pelee.

More importantly was able to get the data that has been collected over the years regarding Monarch Butterfly migration.
It is provided here in pdf form print-outs.
Understand that over the years the importance of these records has grown from very rough guesses to far more detailed records,
that would be useable in studies.  Some years are missing and other errors but that is what they have and are getting better.
So, hope you can use this to plan your visits (better then I - call ahead!) and take pride that our Parks staff are doing the job that needs to be done.

Point Pelee Monarch Butterfly migration data - 1984 - 1985 - 1986 - 1987 - 1991

Point Pelee Monarch Butterfly migration data - 1992 - 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997

Point Pelee Monarch Butterfly migration data - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002

Point Pelee Monarch Butterfly migration data - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007

Point Pelee Monarch Butterfly migration data - 2008


First ever Port Credit Library Tagged Monarch Butterfly release Mississauga

First Monarch Butterfly Tagging - 2013 - Mississauga - by Donald Barber

Attacked by Monarch caterpillars!  -  Monarch Butterfly eggs - 1

First Monarch Butterfly for 2007  -  Monarch caterpillar going to chrysalis  -  Monarch caterpillar going to chrysalis - 2

And more

Here is a picture that is so cute - have to post.
It was taken in happier times, the man is my Father and ferret is my nephew's
The Monarch Butterfly is one that I raised & releasing.
Oh yes, that is a pumpkin growing along the top of the fence too.


Store owners who have set-up Monarch Butterfly a display.

In 2009, Grace at Maple Dry Cleaners & Alterations hung a veil enclosure for Monarchs in their chrysalis state to hang till they were born as butterflies.
She also is a great fan of horses, hope she don't find a way to saddle up a Monarch Butterfly.


These pictures were taken by Fred Loek, Mississauga News - thanks for sharing!

Frank de Jong, Leader, Green Party of Ontario
came by to help in releasing some Monarch Butterflies.

More here.

- Cartoons -

Persons of note who attended the Monarch release.


Frank de Jong the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario.

Monarch Teacher Network of Canada
Grand Meeting - July 27, 2009

News articles;

Butterflies in the classroom let imaginations take wing   

Toronto Star - Aug. 11, 2010 - Teachers and Monarch Butterflies are back together.

Teachers go to butterfly school
Mississauga News - July 28-09 - Sadly they are no more - but then they were reborn!

Its official!   I am an  EARTH ANGEL THE BUTTERFLY GUY
Simple eco act 'makes me very happy'
 Jan 28-09 - Some good words about my many efforts for the community for a change.
Beautiful Creatures   
Aug. 16-07 - More media coverage of my efforts to Rescue Monarch Butterflies, this time by the Toronto Sun - full page of great colour pictures!

All hail the flying Monarch
Mississauga News July 28, 2007.

Cable 10 cover the
Monarch Butterfly Rescue in my backyard.

A news article put out Sept. 9-06 - Royal migration.

Excessive Logging - 1/4 Billion Monarchs Die -  In A Single Night

On Jan. 12, 2002, an estimated 250 million monarchs died - an astounding quarter-billion insects perished in a single night.  Their bodies and wings fluttered to the forest floor, piling up 2 feet or more in some places.


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