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A lesson in
** The Devil was in the Details **
A shocking - shameful turn of events!
A "Stern" Letter that could mean legal act!
Map of where the Bidwell woodlands is.

Therese Taylor, Susan Karrandjas and Philip van Wassenaer, (Urban Forest Innovations Inc.), have for the last 2 years been fighting to save a woodlands with rare trees like the shagbark hickory, a Carolinian species rare in this area and has a large variety of plant species and provides habitat for a number of birds and animals.

    The decision, which will preserve about 40 per cent of the woodlot, has been ratified by the OMB but there was a devil in the details!  The developer H& R were called "good corporate citizens" but now the truth is clear for all to see as H&R exploits a legal loophole to drives sewer through the tree preservation area.

    What more the developer was to abide by the settlement agreement that stated; "Fitzwood will provide Susan Karrandjas and Therese Taylor [“Appellants”] with a copy of any material it hereinafter submits to the City as part of the site plan process as it relates to the TPA;", which Mrs. Taylor says did not happen or that she was even informed what was going on regarding the planning of the sewer main.

Talk about .<*&#@$*&^%>.!

  Note the comments and opinions that I express on this web-site are mine and should not be confused with those who have been leading the fight to save the Bidwell Bush.  They are made as the information is presented to me and most the maps & documents were not avaiable.  I say this as the terms of the deal made at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)  - contained this - Point 6 of the settlement agreement; "The Appellants will not further object to nor delay, either directly or indirectly, the development of above mentioned Fitzwood's lands located at Britannia Road West and Bidwell Trail."  This means the developer could go after Therese Taylor & Susan Karrandjas for many tenths of thousands of dollars, for going public with being justifiably upset over how the "deal" is being turned on its ear.  One of the cornerstones of a Democracy is the ability of its citizens to able to report factual information and reasonable interpretations of events
without fear of repercussions.

And in a Democracy - SHOULD be able to do!

    A reasonable person would rightfully be outraged that this is happening in Canada and speak up but in their case, their family's financial future could be at risk for just acted as a reasonable person would.
BUT just below the worse can happen.

Its almost unbelievable!
Therese writes; I believe this may be the last email I am permitted to write to you on this matter.  The landowner's lawyer, Leo Longo, told me Friday morning July 2nd that he was sending me a "stern letter" in the mail from his client.

    Longo told me that they (I assumed he meant the landowner, Fitzwood) had received a call from the Mayor's office to say that the emails had to stop.  I know that several of you have responded to my request for support and this is what he was referring to.  (Thank you for your efforts.)  And because of these emails,  he said I am to receive a "stern letter" from his client, though we didn't discuss the contents further.

....                                                      (Click her for more)

Hazel McCallion says kill the messenger to end taxpayers opposition, so get ready for a "Stern" Letter from Landowner's Lawyer.  Will it be the shut up or be sued letter?

Not every one agrees.

The single page to detail the
History of the events Chronologically

Reach out and make a difference

E-Mails & Letters in support

Pictures & Maps

!!!!  There is another Web-site that has taken up this cause !!!!
Sustain Mississauga
 Ideas for a sustainable city

June 12, 2002  -  City Council Minutes

June - July 2003
The Minutes of Settlement - where the Devil in the details can be found!

Jan. 7, 2004  -  E-mail
FYI - Britannia Forest/OMB Hearing/Settlement Agreement with Fitzwood Investments.

Jan. 28, 2004  -  E-mail
Further details of Hearing.

Jan. 29, 2004  -  E-mail
Protecting forests Provides Cities Cleaner, Cheaper Water, World Bank Group Says.

Feb. 3, 2004  -  Media Release
Nearly an Acre of North Mississauga Forest will be Preserved by Developer.

Feb. 06, 2004  -  OMB DECISION/ORDER NO: 0235
It should have been the happy ending.

Feb. 24, 2004  -  Toronto Star
Woman's crusade saves rare trees - Refused to accept demise of woodlot - Builder agrees to redesign subdivision.

Feb. 25, 2004  -  Mississauga News
Activists save half of forest

Feb. 2003
(Treesavers organization didn't survive)

Spring 2004  -  Newsletter
Nearly an Acre of Mississauga Forest to be Preserved by Developer

Longer  version of the above
Nearly an Acre of Mississauga Forest to be Preserved by Developer


June 2, 2004  -  E-mail
To the Mayor - Proposed Sewer Easement Through Tree Preservation Area

June 9, 2004  -  For Immediate release
First Legal Loophole News Release.

June 15, 2004  -  E-mail from the Mayor
The Mayor's bad news letter regarding & a political intelligence test to see how easily you are mislead.

June 22, 2004  -  E-mail
To Mayor & City staff - your File C.01/Sewer Through Tree Preservation Area

June 23, 2004  -  News Release
Legal Loophole Drives Sewer Through Tree Preservation Area.

June 28, 2004  -  Toronto Star
Resident shocked by destruction of rare trees

July 5, 2004
Hazel McCallion says kill the messenger to end taxpayers opposition, so get ready for a "Stern" Letter from Landowner's Lawyer.  Will it be the shut up or be sued letter?  Its a shocking, shameful new development!

July 5, 2004 - My letter to the Mayor
Has the Mayor given up her claims -  "I'm a grassroots mayor, a peoples’s mayor." & its "little people who need help."

July 13, 2004  -  E-mail from the Mayor
The Mayor's second letter about Bidwell.  It is about blaming everyone but herself  and really too bad for you peasants who can't afford lawyers to buy justice in court.

July 27, 2004  -  My E-mail in response to the Mayor's
Short (for me) and to the point.

But is the chain sawed tree really pointing in agreement?

Please contact these people and let them know how unjust it is to put a sewer through the Tree Preservation Area (TPA), that in all likelihood will lead to the long term decline of the whole forested area.  And that the developer did not keep to the signed settlement agreement, apparently not supplying documents that "relates to the TPA", to Therese Taylor and Susan Karrandjas, during the sewer main route selection process. Even as a courtesy informing her that it was going on.  Does this sound like a "good corporate citizens"?

That a sewer main in the TPA should not be done, the City should not allow the sewer pipe there, install it somewhere else and the City should not allow a developer to ignore the settlement agreement!  That it is total unjust to lead members of the community to think they have won a victory for the whole community and the health of their children, only to find out it was a cruel act of deception.

Click here for a list of Contact Info

E-Mails & Letters in support

If you end us a copy of the E-mail you send to the people above or to the newspapers etc., please send us a copy so we can post the response from the community.  Your personal information will be removed unless otherwise noted we can post it.

Click here for the E-Mails & Letters in support

Reach-out and make a difference

E-Mails & Letters in support

It will make a difference!
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