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U. F. M. A. C.
{The Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee}
In regard to my letter writing skills, I have few and it is hard to find other people to help out with the large work load of just going on the record. Over time these letters have gotten shorter but UFMAC and the City have appeared to stop reading them and don't respond to them.

U10 - Nov. 6, 1995 - As a result of numerous letters to involved parties over concerns that the watermain trench had become a water course and is threatening the long term safety of the Canadian National Railway, the Ontario Clear Water Agency has responded (Jeff Marshall, President and C.E.O.), that there is now concern over water movement in the trench and action will be taken.

U12 - Nov. 23, 1995 - A consultant is brought in to look at Cawthra Bush's hydrology and is given almost no time to study the matter. A way to control the out come. Then the UFMAC changes minutes of the meeting to create a record the City can use to say the matter of Cawthra Bush's hydrology need not be looked at further.

U33 - June 24, 1996 - The changing of UFMAC's official minutes by Councillor Carmen Corbasson to include an event that didn't happen. That being the "endorsement" by UFMAC of the City plans to deforest the east side of the Cawthra Bush.

U53 - Jan. 30, 1998 - About Dr. James P. Bogart Jan. 29/98, public salamander talk. About what he really said.

U109 - Sept. 17, 2001 - Norway maples wrongly removed - the second attack on Jefferson Salamander habitat this year and why are UFMAC members enthusiastic about creating forest management plans that are being used by the City to destroy what the plans claim to protect ????

U116 - Dec. 10, 2001 - Visit to the Cawthra Bush by the Leader of the Green Party Ontario.

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