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The Dec. 10, 2001 #116 letter to the City of Mississauga's Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee (UFMAC).
The Cawthra Ratepayers'
Residents' Association (CRRA)
and the

Station B  Box 1504  Mississauga  Ontario  L4Y 4G2 -

City of Mississauga.
ATTN:     Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee
                -  Karin Brent, UFMAC Committee Coordinator.

RE: [#116] Visit to the Cawthra Bush by the Leader of the Green Party Ontario.

Dear Sirs:                 Dec. 10, 2001 [#116]

     Nov. 10/01 the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Frank de Jong, was given a tour of the Cawthra Bush by myself.  It was a lovely autumn day and the wild life was out as if it wanted to be seen.  Not only was there two Downy Woodpeckers who were only a few feet from us, both on the same tree at times but a Pileated Woodpecker appeared to follow us through the forest.  The enclosed pictures show not just the Pileated Woodpecker seen that day, (haft up the tree), but also pictures taken Dec. 5 (at the base of a tree and on a stump), when I saw two Pileated Woodpeckers at the same time.  They appeared to be a mated pair, the male has the larger red head and more white on the throat.  It is interesting that the female was checking out a stump right beside the South Service Road.

     Mr. de Jong's wrote a letter about his visit that was published in the Toronto Sun and the Mississauga News, both are enclosed.  Note the part about the City withholding records.  How did the Green Party became involved?  In 2000 the Green Party ran a candidate in the federal election, Pamela Murray.  She attended an all candidates (Municipal & Federal), debate held by the CRRA, Nov. 7 at St. Dominic's school.  At this meeting a display regarding the Cawthra Bush was set up and  Ms. Murray was interested in both the environmental and political issues.  The Green Party of Ontario supports green economics, progressive social planning, and begins with the basic premise that all life on the planet is interconnected and that humans have a responsibility to protect and preserve the natural world.  Also of great concern was the fact the City of Mississauga was denying all access to City records by way of official FOI requests.

     The Mississauga South Green Party received a formal request, dated May 13/01, to be involved in investigating the City of Mississauga's activities regarding the Jefferson Salamanders in the Cawthra Bush.  As the Green Party is very interested in environmental issues and gaining public support in the Mississauga South riding/community by carrying out its mandate to protect important natural features, as well as promoting democracy by empowering voters with the facts.  So the Green Party began to investigate the facts.

- 1 -    - 2 -

     The Green Party has reviewed and is impressed by the support of many individuals in the academic community and institutions, such as the University of Toronto, the University of Guelph, the Toronto Zoo, Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology - Royal Ontario Museum, in regards to the saving the Cawthra Bush and the Jefferson Salamanders.

     The Green Party was informed that the City of Mississauga was again removing the habitat of the Jefferson Salamander, a Federally declared threatened species, around the end of July.  Adding even greater reason to use the FOI Act to investigate City actions.  There are also safety issues regarding the Walled Garden that needed to be addressed and the degree of public involvement in deciding the future of what is a rare piece of built heritage.  A English style kitchen Walled Garden.  However the City of Mississauga still is refusing to provide its records to the Green Party.

     I am willing to discuss my letter with you, in case the wording seems a little ambiguous or you want a request explained. My phone number is (905) ***-**** & e-mail  There is an answering machine you can leave private messages on.  As long as you are talking the machine will record.  If someone answers the phone before the machine can come on, please ask them to hang up and let the next call ring through.  I would appreciate your co-operation in using the answering machine, rather than leaving messages with anyone else answering the telephone.

Please find enclosed.
1).    3 pictures of Pileated Woodpeckers.
2).    A copy of the letter written by the Leader of the Green Party published in the
        Toronto Sun Dec. 3/01.
3).    A copy of the letter written by the Leader of the Green Party published in the
        Mississauga News  Dec. 5/01.

Sincerely yours,  Donald Barber, President, FCB & Chair, CRRA.

It will make a difference!

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