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    Paul Szabo M.P.'s letter that accompanied this flyer, click here.  Please read.
His Jan. 12-04, letter to City Hall that got us the Feb. 4, meeting.


About the

of the
Northmount  Community  and  the  Cawthra  Bush





    Some say you can't fight City hall, well that is not true.  The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), has the power to set aside all of the City of Mississauga Council decisions and the zoning for the area.  The zoning
that allows for the existing community to be eliminated, so high density townhouse subdivisions can be put in.  Yes, if we speak up at these meetings, especially the Feb. 10, OMB, Hearing, we do stand a reasonable
chance of winning.  At the Jan. 12th, meeting residents found their voices and said NO!  An important event that the OMB will have to that note of.
Paul Szabo, M.P., addressed the issue of the City not giving reasonable notice to the community and got us the Feb. 4, meeting, in our community.  A significant opportune for us.

    I will be challenged to prove that our groups in fact exists, so nothing says that more than a large, paying, membership.  As it will affect our position, please renew or join and get others to.  Membership is $10, please make cheques to, The Cawthra Ratepayers' and Residents' Association.

NAME: (Please print)                              ADDRESS                       POSTAL CODE

PHONE #                        E-MAIL ADDRESS, send us an E-mail for faster notices.

Sincerely yours,

Donald Barber, President, FCB & Chair, CRRA
Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 4G2
 Tell others about these meetings,

you do not have to live near the area to express your views.

     At the Jan. 12th meeting I asked if the City would detail to us what was wrong with the Northmount community as the City wished to replace it and they would not answer or consider the question.  The City knows it is losing ground and we need to keep it up.  Northmount is a success story of a community living by an old-growth ecosystem.  Something other cities would be rightfully envious of.  It is no wonder a developer wants to dump a
townhouse subdivision on us, as residents have created a safe, health community that many would wish to live in.  The community effort to do so, at great personal cost by homeowers was not to entice developers to use this investment as their welcome mat.  This "INTENSIFICATION" is not Smart Growth.  Speak & Get on the record so the OMB can see the opposition. It is in the best interests of the community.

     Our reasons for voicing opposition to townhouses are solid and even the City's own Official plan for development supports us.  The Character and Identity of the community is specifically protected.  New building are to be "compatibility with surrounding land use", which is clearly not the case.  This will set a dangerous precedence.  Our Councillor has stated taxes will go up because of this so called "improvements".  Traffic will increase and our streets will become far more dangerous.  Tripling - Quadrupling the local population will destroy the Cawthra Bush's only protection, its environmental significance, it is only common sense.  The effect on community?  Well, developers want your land anyway they can get it!

     When you speak at public meetings it is important to clearly state your position, so it cannot be misinterpreted, in a sentence or two.  Like - I am totally against townhouses in the Northmount are as they are not in character with the community, it will lead to destruction of both the existing community and the Cawthra Bush.  Single homes with deep lots should be all that is considered.  Unless you have done a lot of speaking at these kinds
of meetings it best not to try and have a conversation or negotiate with either the City or developer.  This is best done before speaking.  What happens is they respond to you in any way they care to and say in the minutes your concerns were addressed, you now support development.  This is like voting, yes or no.  Maybe if, become promises of convenience rarely kept or worth agreement. Remember the City will consider silence to be agreement - so speak.

     It does not show good faith on the City's part to be sending out short notices to taxpayers about meetings that have an enormous impact on their community and asking for input.  In fact, some would call it a betrayal of trust that denies us a reasonable chance to make informed input.  Add to this the fact the City denies access to it records and Planning staff.  This is good government?  When you get notice of the meeting, write the date on the envelop, staple it to the notice and deliver it me so we can show that the City is not even giving people two weeks notice of meetings.

PLEASE, come out to these meetings,
sign the
Form Letter - Petition
send us your membership.

It is now or never!

Thank You to Paul Szabo MP Mississauga South

 Paul Szabo has been our M.P. for 10 years and has a solid reputation both in the community and Ottawa.  As far back as 20 years he has been active in environment, working with David Culham in the Credit Valley and most recently as Vice Chair of the Environment and Sustainable Development committee that was dealing with the Species at Risk Act.  Most importantly, he feels a strong obligation to help those getting a raw deal from the government.

 He is a powerful and persuasive speaker, one of the few elected offices who is willing to addressed the injustice we have suffered and who has gain us meaningful results.  He has stated his intentions to speak again on our behalf at both upcoming meetings.  He can easily see the process for public participation is so deeply flawed it should be ended and begun again.

 Paul has generously provided the printing and mailing for this notice and dedicated substantial time to advise us on how to proceed during this process.  His guidance and experience has been very helpful and I cannot thank him enough for his efforts when we really needed help.  From time to time, MPs also need help from the people in their constituency.  I hope you will remember how he helped us.  You may wish to drop him a note or call his office just to thank him for the support and offer your support to him if, when he needs it.

It will make a difference!
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