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July 28, 2011
Mississauga taxpayers concerned about the
Sherway Gas Fired Power Plant  -  Greenfield South
turned away from meeting!

If you have pictures of this event and notes of what happened, please send them for use.
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Sherway Gas Fired Power Plant - Greenfield South   2010 - 2011 - update

A collection of pictures of the non-event - no meeting for you!


July 28, 2011,
Show up late and works out as see those who are not allowed in.  More then lived area right around the power plant or as builder had it figured out.




July 28, 2011,
Uh-oh - Peel police start to show-up in force.
Now middle-class families with children get treated as I do by the Peel Black shirts.



July 28, 2011,

This is the size of the room and the number of chairs set out.
They locked the doors when people were
standing all around the walls.
There was an effort at the meeting but it didn't go far.



July 28, 2011,
Eastern Power Ltd.'s expert give quote able quotes.



July 28, 2011,
Answering questions with Eastern Power Ltd.'s blueprints.




July 28, 2011,
Scenes of crowd emptying into parking lot and having a meeting of their own.




July 28, 2011,

The politicians doing the rounds and trying to say not their fault.


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