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My letter about the canceling (maybe) of the Sherway Power Plant which is currently under construction.

There are many questions that need to be answered - before the election & Mississauga is honoured to be the site of such an issue, that could turn the whole election.

Letter to the Editor.                        Sept. 28, 2011

RE: A case of election O-Z or they fooling us again?

Dear Editor:

Recently Charles Sousa and other Liberal candidates held a News conference to announce the canceling of the Sherway Power Plant which is currently under construction. Stopping a government contract that is under way is hard at the best of times, during the last few days of an election is a real challenge, one the Liberals may not be up to. Are the GTA Liberals just repeating their personal stand on the location of the Power plant, what has really changed? The Premier/Leader of the Liberal Party has been quoted as saying it will be stopped but no where have I seen it as an official statement, news release, Order or from those who are the Ministries of the Depts. that control this project and of course nothing from the builder.

Most people fail to recall that in 2003, when Dalton McGuinty made the election vow to stop a development in the Oak Ridges Moraine and after being elected - “Premier forced to drop pledge to stop development”. Is this not history repeating? NO - this time it is involving an Ontario government contract regarding the building and running of a power plant, in which the contract gives the government much control, I am sure.

In a recent phone town hall the leader of the PC’s goes on the record with his party’s stand - why not the Liberals? Have these Liberal candidates been too liberal in expressing their opinions and claims of power within their party/government? Is this just a case high spirits or over-zealousness (O-Z as politicians call it) in the effort to get votes? Personally, I would want to see a hard copy of this election pledge, how it is going to be done (copy of contract would be useful), and instructions to the builder to take a break.

                                                                Otherwise, where’s the beef?

Sincerely yours - Donald Barber

It will make a difference!

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[COMMENTS BY DON B. - In general all of these changes, gives others the chance to write letters about this letter saying this or that is wrong. The Mississauga News aids politicians and their groupies in creating opportunities to defame or discredit a person. By not reporting that the runway is illegal the Mississauga News is helping politicians to maintain an undeserved, high level of public approval for their job performance.

They say the over use of "I" shows ego problems. So the Mississauga News adds I's

1).The meaning is changed. The letter was noting how the GTAA was campaigning to show the negative effects on the community were offset by all the money it has brought in. Not to say it was spending money on the campaign, which clearly it was. The sentence also doesn't make a lot of sense now. - BACK -

2).The fact that the runway is illegal is key!!! BUT to report that the government is doing so would get people to thinking and then they may just wake up, realize they don't live in the magical kingdom of "Hazel land" where all your wants are looked after without even having to ask. Wake up to the fact they have very few rights and that they have to fight like hell just get a fair shake. Like losing their health because a runway is built, where it was (at the highest level of government), promised there would not be one. Lose the value on their home and investment in their community, so those who run the airport will profit. To the fact their local politicians are not doing their jobs when it comes to looking out for the people who elected them. - BACK -

3).In this part the GTAA said the safety of its airlines was number one, not the safety of the residents (who have not bought a ticket). It is a matter of what they value, who they value and why. The public has a right to know this. - BACK -

4). The one thing money can't buy or replace is your health. Is it not morally wrong to takes anothers health for your own profit? The GTAA will do a noise study, how about a health study? But then they would have to cared if you lived or died! - BACK - ]

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