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- As Well As -
a tour of its ruins, what it was, before new ownership wipes the slate clean,
as if it never was.

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Roy Ivor in his later days.
Photo - Newsletter of the Mississauga Heritage Foundation - Spring 2001 Vol. 14/Issue 2

Bernice Inman-Emery took over running the Roy Ivor (the Birdman of Mississauga), Bird Sanctuary of Mississauga.
She operated the rescue centre for sick and injured birds for more than 25 years after his death.
Photo - Mississauga News's.

Send an E-mail to Mississauga City Council telling them to not only buy the land but to make every effort to see if they can find those who will give Mississauga what it is lacking. Proof we care by running a sanctuary for those we have injured.
Remind them that the land it is right beside a City park, environmentally significant and should not even be offered up for development of any kind. 
The Bird Sanctuary is in Ward 8 or Councillor Katie Mahoney's Ward.
To keep the dream alive, of a bird sanctuary.

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Dec. 2008

Like so many things in life, you know about something, its in the background of your life, glad it is there but you really don't know how it is doing, as it has been years since you paid it any attention.  Then suddenly you heard it is going to disappear - what a shame but you know it is more than that.  It is the passing of what was right in the world, even more so at the Roy Ivor woods bird sanctuary, as it was where the wild could be taken and cared for, life given back in cases we were all too often responsible for injuring.

Mr. Ivor, the bird man of Mississauga, died in 1979, as City of Mississauga was being born (how ironic), the touch was past to Bernice Inman-Emery, sadly Alzheimer's has put out her flame while she still lives.  She has not been able to run the sanctuary for the last few years and nature & rust never sleeps when it comes to reclaiming what was once wild. The City is thinking about buying the land but only I have stood up and said remember the dream, the dream to give life back to those we are killing with little to no regard - no one has answered in support of that idea.  They must not see the profit in it.
So dies the dream - as it has no dreamer.


Of the images here are some of the strongest.

The first sums it all up, a pile of bird cages of all different sizes, shapes & kinds - from many people helping out, put beyond use.
The dreamer, in never waking sleep.
The chimney is all that remains of his first cottage.  The trailer was then put in and he carried on with out-buildings in back.  Cages are strewn every where now, testimony to how many were cured.  They had no names or numbers - only songs. 

I have only visited once, my Mother took me, at night with a bird that had hit a window at our home.  In the living room was Mr. Ivor, some birds flew around and one whole side of the wall was one big cage - it made a great impression on a young lad, that such a place could exist.

Of all the pictures this can tell what was and will be no more.
The protection to be found at the sanctuary, the patience of the healer, patiently watching with hopes by both the cage will no longer be needed.  Now both are gone - forever.  And the chair & cage to be remove as if they never were by those who never knew or cared.
The leaves will quickly cover the spot and who will know where it was, if it ever was or why.

Here is a short tour down Windinglane and what remains but remember if there was a will to breath life backing the dream, it could be done.  There are people who do animal rescue and would love a place like this but who in the City could support such "foolishness".

Look back towards Mississauga Rd., and looking the other way.

Looking back to wards the curve seen in the picture above, as it runs beside a creek & park.

Turning around, up the hill we go.

Still further to go - around corner and up hill - the end is in sight.

You are greeted first by where it all started.  The vines on the backside.
Is nature holding up or tearing down?

The South Peel Naturalists want plaque to commemorate the life of the dreamers of bird sanctuary.
This music to the Queen of Sprawl's ears, if that is all they will settle for.
I ask why?
Is that Roy Ivor spent his life being a healer, because he wanted to get some plaque put up with his name one on it?
Can the same be said of Bernice Inman-Emery's after a life time as a healer?
What honour would they ask for, from their hearts & souls, as those who know the joys they have saved from death and release back in to the world for all to enjoy - Mississauga wide and beyond.

Well, on to behind the trailer, its out-buildings, on to the really large out-door pens that are a couple stories high.
The middle cage shows how fast leaves can build up & bring down a forest enclosure.
Really hard to get a good shot to show scale or all of anything.

In the valley to the left is a smaller octagon pen.
The signs of the care giving lay around - with forgotten purpose
- dreaming of past days filled with life all around & purpose to return life.

On to the new house.

At the front door the greeting noting the reality of giving kindness to those who have no jobs or SIN numbers.
In the front window the visitor book.
The door bell is just that, on the end of a string.
Lastly, a few more pens by the house.

Should you wish to visit the grave of Roy Ivor and his wife, it is close by, on top of the hill at St. Peter's Church at the corner of Mississauga Rd. & Dundas Str., in the far north corner, with of course, a bird house beside it.
It too needs some tender loving care.

How soon we forget or care, the things we once claimed to speak highly of.

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