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Your community is to be
by order of City Council, says developer.

DEC. 9  -  TUESDAY  -  7:00 pm

Call the OMB planner Katherine Kirzati 416 326-6796 for more details.

     The developers are coming and they do not care how they get your land!  It is clear from the City's zoning of the Northmount area that they wish to destroy the existing community and inevitably Cawthra Bush.  The City wants deep lots, wherever they are to be developed, which means the existing taxpayers have to get OUT!  If you feel the Northmount community and the Cawthra Bush should not become extinct, then come out to the meeting and say so.  City staff are on record saying development in the area endangers the Cawthra Bush by over use, "pounded it into the ground", the same can be said about the community you worked so hard to make safe and livable.  It means higher taxes too.

     Moldenhauer Developments say - "nobody likes change" - "Again, I share your sympathy because we are talking about issue of change that's different then what you have" if he really cared, he would be building single homes to fit into the Northmount community not being the point of the spear that will end it.  He has hinted about the future "Actually this is quite a low density in today's standards" & the "market will dictate what is there", guess that sums up how he feels about likelyhood of City hall standing up for us.  I asked Michael Moldenhauer, President of Moldenhauer Developments about the Cawthra Bush, (the areas most important feature), how environmentally significant it was and he did not know.  Does this not show his true lack of concern about how his development will impact the community?  He does say impacts to the Cawthra Bush - "Aside from the additional use that perhaps comes from more bodies being in the immediate area but I do feel that is going to be inevitable, dealing with lot sizes and I can tell you this is not the only application you are having to deal with in the Ward.  You are in a Ward that has extremely large lot sizes."  It is not inevitable if residents come out to the Dec. 9, meeting there is a chance we can prove that his plans would destroy our community's character and the Cawthra Bush, which is something the City's Official plan is there to protect.  In reality, if the community does not turnout to protect itself, all is lost.  Would it not be best to voice your opposition now, before you suffer a lose due to  INTENSIFICATION, say from a traffic accident?

    If you do not say no, then you will be regarded as being in agreement, so come out and say NO!  NO, to zoning that allows townhouses as it destroy's the character of the community.  The public process for this rezoning should be started again.  Public meetings that began this rezoning were for a significant different population, by a different developer, and most people in one way or other did not approve of even that plan.  We are being generally mislead and it would be dishonest to allow this process to continue.  That the Cawthra Bush is a key element of the community, its character and the community's are tied together.  The survival of one depends on the others and both will be destroyed by intensification, by townhouses and their greatly higher populations.  Most importantly, that you support the position of the FCB and CRRA.  Letters can be sent but they are not as good as persons speaking, as they are given less weight.

- Time for justice to prevail, not just the letter of law -

Cawthra Ratepayers' and Residents Association (CRRA) - Friends of the Cawthra Bush (FCB)
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It will make a difference!
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