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V.3 N.2 - November 2003      Be a Canadian patriot and circulate this web address      Price: Free and still worth a read
Researched and written by, Donald Barber, who is solely responsible for it content.

Warning this newspaper deals with a mature subject, politics and all it's dirt details. 
****   Special election issue   ****

The Ontario wide issue of government abusing the Freedom Of Information Act (FOI), to Blacklist the public and grass roots groups, is something we should all be concerned about.  The methods used by the City of Mississauga (a want-to-be City), to crush local Democracy, can spread like a cancer to your city - read about the symptoms and what you can do to stop it.

When good Mayors go bad - we all suffer

The FOI Act being used to destroy grass roots community groups - YES.  Who would do such a thing you ask?  Why elected officials like Mayor Hazel McCallion and her staff.  How morally bankrupt can a city become from having the same Mayor for over 25 years?  Read about how bad it can be and the "coup" she sees.  The law be dammed when City staff are out to end taxpayer opposition.  Read the untold story of Hazel McCallion and how the FOI Act has been corrupted to serve her promise that City records will be denied, before you vote!  Before you vote for Hazel or any incumbent Councillors read for what they really support by way of supporting Hazel McCallion at:

Has the Information and Privacy Commissioner's office (IPC), over step its authority while helping the City of Mississauga or has the City grossly miss-abused the FOI Act for its own anti-Democratic activities?


Was it the intention of the IPC to become the weapon of choice for politicians and bureaucrats to destroy community groups that opposed politicians/government plans, by ensuring those who would fight for a stronger, more accountable Democracy and healthier environment, are to be denied the life blood of accurate government records, to frustrate them into giving up.

Discover the horror story that the IPC has become when it serves Hazel McCallion's political agenda.  Blacklisting a FOI requester by broadcasting his name across the City, so City services will be denied and claiming the IPC ordered it.  This includes talking to Planning staff and elected officials!  Claiming the IPC ordered all communications to City staff must be FOI requests
is madness!  Worse of all, the IPC allowed itself to be used by the City as a forum for the City to make complaints against the public in order to deny them service, allowing secret reports to used.  Could you be next?

A supreme act of hypocrisy by the IPC Commissioner - Ann Cavoukian.

Her news release came suspiciously out right after mine.  I noting how the IPC had used the FOI Act to undermine not only the FOI Act but our Democracy itself.  The IPC's dangerous legal precedence, legalizing government censorship, cover-up by way of guilty of association to the point of a life time ban on the community, not even a political party can access City records.  She writes; "Citizens now demand that public business be conducted in a transparent manner", "accountability" and "participate in the decision-making process.", I have present this to the IPC and the City as my goal so often that I feel like I am being plagiarized.
The FOI site

Some items will be fully added over the next few days, so visit a few times before Nov. 10.
Election day to see what the Media Monopoly does want you to know. 

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