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Opening comments:  More at the end.

    This was the complete letter I wrote - this what the media did to it so the public would not know all the details or reason why or what the main reason for the letter was.

    The Roy Ivor - the Birdman of Mississauga & Bernice Inman-Emery - the Birdwoman of Mississauga Web-page.

Mississauga City hall
ATTN:     Her Worship Mayor - Hazel McCallion.
ATTN:     Carmen Corbasson, Councillor Ward 1.
ATTN:     Patricia Mullin, Councillor Ward 2.
ATTN:     Maja L.A. Prentice - Councillor Ward 3.
ATTN:     Frank Dale - Councillor Ward 4.
ATTN:     Eve Adams - Councillor Ward 5.
ATTN:     Carolyn Parrish - Councillor Ward 6.
ATTN:    Nando Iannicca - Councillor Ward 7.
ATTN:     Katie Mahoney - Councillor Ward 8.
ATTN:     Pat Saito - Councillor Ward 9.
ATTN:     Sue McFadden - Councillor Ward 10.
ATTN:     George Carlson - Councillor Ward 11.
300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C1

RE:                     Regarding the Roy Ivor Bird Sanctuary.

Dear Council members:                                                         Jan. 7, 2009

    Currently the City of Mississauga is considering purchasing the last acre of the Winding Lane or Roy Ivor Bird Sanctuary, in the Sawmill Valley Creek & Trail area, across the road from the University of Toronto in Mississauga (Erindale campus).  For more than 75 years the Roy Ivor Bird Sanctuary has been world renown and in the last 25 years, run by Bernice Inman-Emery who open its doors to more native wildlife.  Even before there was a Mississauga people knew of Roy and in time he became know as the Birdman of Mississauga & Bernice as the Birdwoman of Mississauga.  Mr. Ivor has written for the National Geographic Magazine, as well as other international magazines in his modest efforts to advance science, peoples appreciation of their feathered friends and published a book - I Live with Birds.  Both Mr. Ivor and his Bird Sanctuary are historical elements to Mississauga, because both he and Bernice were host to countless school trips for students to learn and discover the natural world and how we can heal the injures more often then not, caused by mankind - it is a living cultural heritage or legacy site.

    With that in mind and the reasons to follow as to the important cultural significance of this site the question needs to be asked - where do you as a member of Council stand on the issue of keeping the Wild Life Sanctuary operating?  The Wild Life Sanctuary is well set up with existing out-door pens just the kind need by Toronto Wildlife Centre as they need a place to expand and many people from Mississauga bring those in need to them already.  This would be a match made in heaven as the dream that is the Roy Ivor Bird Sanctuary should not be allowed to die!  We own it to future generations and if Council wants a City full of forests, green belts and streams - river valleys, then there will be a great many wounded & injures wild animals from urban sprawl.  Is Council’s only plan for them is let them die from lack of caring about their lives?  Is this the attitude Council wants Mississaugans to adopt regarding native wildlife?  In the last couple of decades the human race has learned that we need the natural world for our good health and quality of life - has this lesson been lost on Council members?

    When considering your answer as to the future use or destruction of the valuable medical assesses at the Bird Sanctuary please also consider that whole area and Mississauga, owns Mr. Ivor a big debt and thank you.  In 1928 he originally bought 40 acres, part of the Racey Indian track but over time it shrunk to just 3 acres.  No one gets rich looking after those with no SIN numbers or pay cheques. BUT because of his efforts at keeping his valley wild it is noted as Environmentally Significant Areas (ESA's) in the Credit River Watershed both by the Credit Valley Conservation and by the Ministry of Nature Resources, ( Natural Heritage Information Centre) that lists the Roy Ivor Woodlot both provincial and regional as a life science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI).  Other quotes include - "Ivor's Bird Sanctuary is an important wooded area within the City of Mississauga. ... The City of Mississauga Planning Department (1976) has described Ivor's Bird Sanctuary as one of the largest continuous tracts of woods in Mississauga." & "Once described as the most beautiful valley and largest tract of continuous woods in Mississauga, Roy Ivor Woodlot, while drastically altered, still remains one of the city's largest forests." - 1995.  Lets keep the dream alive and show Mississaugans that Mississauga Council understands and cares.

    Two other matters to consider. First Council should consider renaming the Sawmill Valley Creek & Trail area, the Roy Ivor Woods and Bernice could be honoured by naming the area used for healing as the Bernice Native Wildlife Sanctuary.  Second, the deer crossing sign on Mississauga Rd., going north is in the wrong place.  It should be at the top of the small hill or a large second sign, where the road narrows, on the sawed off wooden street post because drivers can’t see over the hill to the area where it is clear deer cross on to the University of Toronto campus.  The current sign is too far back and small to be easily noticed by motorists.  I see only 4 deer left, will the City make efforts to keep them safe and healthy?

I am willing to discuss my letter with you. My phone number is (905) ***-**** & e-mail

Sincerely yours,

Donald Barber, President, FCB & Chair, CRRA.

It will make a difference!
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