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    The Roy Ivor - the Birdman of Mississauga & Bernice Inman-Emery - the Birdwoman of Mississauga Web-page.

Globe and Mail - Dec 13, 1979, Thursday - pg.# P.64 -

Roy Ivor Well-known ornithologist ran Mississauga sanctuary

Toronto ON -- Roy Ivor, the internationally known ornithologist, died Monday in Streetsville, a few weeks short of his 100th birthday.

Mr. Ivor, born in Strathroy, Ont., on Jan. 3, 1880, devoted nearly 50 years of his life operating what is now the Roy Ivor bird sanctuary at Dundas Street West and Mississauga Road.

Mr. Ivor's fascination with birds began on the family farm in Moose Jaw where he grew up.  When his family moved to Toronto his interest continued, and in 1928 he sold his family stone and marble business and retired to a 40-acre plot of land in Mississauga.

There he tended to sick and injured birds that were brought to him from all over the area.  Mr. Ivor also kept meticulous notes on the behavior of the wild birds who came to use his woodlands as a sanctuary.  His research on the nesting and feeding habits and rituals of birds gave him an international reputation.

He became a world-renowned authority on the peculiar habit known as anting, in which certain species of birds catch ants, rub them against their wings and tails, and seem to experience an ecstasy while doing so.

Mr. Ivor was one of the first naturalists to sound the cry against the chemical DDT.  In 1948, Mr. Ivor warned that the incremental effects of DDT were killing birds in his sanctuary.

But it was his special affinity with sick birds that won him the love of his neighbors.  His skill at curing shot, broken-winged, sick or run-over birds garnered him such titles as the man who mends birds and a modern St. Francis of Assisi.

He was made an honorary game warden with full powers and was also honored by the Upper Canada Zoological society.

In 1968, he published a book, I Live With Birds, which described his efforts to heal and understand the birds that came to his sanctuary.

In 1970, a fire burned down Mr. Ivor's home, injuring him and killing 100 of the birds he was treating.  Although he said from his hospital bed at the time that he probably would never return to his sanctuary, the community rallied on Mr. Ivor's behalf.

Citizens raised $40,000 to build a bird hospital and provide a trailer for Mr. Ivor to live in.

He remained at the sanctuary until 1975, helping its present director Bernice Inman look after the 2,000 injured birds that were brought there.

Mr. Ivor spent his last four years in a senior citizens' home.  Funeral services will be tomorrow in the Lee Funeral Home in Streetsville.

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