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In Ontario the police (Peel regional police), can be sent by the Ontario government to arrest you because they do not like your tone!
It is right here.

This is how Tory's treat poor people begging for medal treatment who have done nothing wrong - 17 days in jail because he couldn't Post bail forced to undergo a mental health assessment!  When the matter came to trial it was thrown out.

This is a dangerous legal precedence and totally wrong for the police to become such agents for members of the government.  But no surprise to me as the Peel regional police have been sent after me for no good reason by City of Mississauga Councillors.

So, be careful if you try to contact Tony Clement, who knows, the police could be sent to your door too.  He is a member of  the Tory party and the dictionary defines Troy as a robber.

Toronto Star  -  Dec. 29/ 01 - By KATHERINE HARDING  STAFF REPORTER

Man  charged  over  letters  to  Clement.

Peel regional police have charged a man who repeatedly contacted Health
Minister Tony Clement's Brampton constituency office asking for assistance this past fall.

Earlier this month, Peter Smith, 46, was charged with criminal harassment and spent 17 days at Maplehurst Detention Centre because he couldn't Post bail for $1,000.  Since being released, Smith has agreed to undergo a mental health assessment.  He currently lives in a Georgetown hotel.

Lawyer Raj Napal said his client was simply asking the minister  one of five
candidates running for Premier Mike Harris' job  to help a friend who has a
kidney disease and can't afford medical treatment.  Smith claims to have
already given his friend $5,000 out of his own pocket.

"I had to speak out about this.  I think members of the public will be
shocked.  People shouldn't be incarcerated for writing a lot of letters and I
making follow-up phone calls to their politicians," said Napal.

"He never crossed the line.  He never made a threat.  He had a legitimate
concern and his letters shouldn't have been handed to the police."[2]

Clement's spokesperson. Gord Haugh said police [2] were contacted because the minister's executive assistant was concerned about the volume and tone of the letters and phone calls made from October to November.

Haugh said Clement didn't know about the situation until yesterday. [1]

Do you want to do something about this?

To get this issue talked about?
Then go to the Media page, let the media and Ontario's political party's know how you feel.

Click Here

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[1] - Tony didn't know?  I do not believe it!  What competent government would ever risk a Ministries reputation by calling the police on a member of the public without first informing their boss and a Ministry?

It does sound like something Tony would do.  In the Sept. 26-03 debate he all but lost it when I refereed to this event and reports from Brampton are that he did almost the same.

[2] - The Peel police were contacted and it is the Peel police to the City of Mississauga Councillors used against me.  Clearly the Peel police are very willing to serve their political masters at the expense of the public and our democracy. ]

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