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A scanned copy. Done on a non-word processor, called a typewriter, I believe.  Some of the spelling is original, even if it appears wrong. The name Elliott has only t even though it is often seen in this text with two tt's. The figures are left out at his time but as this is a City document a copy is in the Central library, in the Canadiana Reading Room 615-3524 - code 971.3535.PHI
By Ken Phipps, LACAC student, September 1989

Grace Cawthra-Elliott was a determined woman. She came from a family that had been influential and affluent for a hundred years, and she was proud of it. And she was selfish. She may also have been quite mad for most of her life.

This madness took the form of obsession and gave her the strength to sculpt her environment into the shape she wished it to assume; she wished the past as she saw it to be the present, and because everyone around her bowed to her will (because of her money or because of her unyielding stance) it nearly was. It was because she was mortal that time ignored her.

She erected Cawthra-Lotten as an eternal salute to the strength and the necessary vanity of every member of her family that had gone before her and so had somehow helped her build it. She did what she did for herself, but because her pride came from her family and her obsession was with that history, she did it for her ancestors and for her descendants as well.

The only descendant willing to take what she had to give was the City of Mississauga. We inherited her heritage, but not her delusions of immortality. A city is based on change, and recognizes that life cannot exist without it. The new Cawthra-Lotten will reflect this knowledge. The old Cawthra-Lotten was dead long before Grace was. Now it must be injected with new purpose; only then can its spirit be resurrected.


This report is not an exhaustive examination of the subject it attempts to survey. Many research avenues remain unexplored, possibly even undiscovered. In time more information may be unearthed. Also: the information used in writing this report is only as accurate as the sources consulted. This accuracy, especially in the details of the Cawthra history's genealogical aspects, may be limited.

I wish to thank everyone who provided me with information or helped me compile it--particularly Margaret Lawrence, Tony Adamson and Al Smouter. As well, I would like to thank Mark Warrack, my boss, for his trust and for his patience. Finally, I would like to thank the Cawthras. Joseph, William, Grace, and the others were working on this report long before I was even born; without their efforts it could never have been written.

Ken Phipps - Sept. 1989


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