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Stripping Canadians of Our Democratic & Human Rights!
How far will this go?    Will you be next?

Executive Summary;                                                                Web-Site

 In this election year, we need to recognize and make public a new threat to Democracy.  Meaningful public participation in government decision making and the efforts of those who defend the environment are being deliberately undermined by the very people (and their bureaucratic servants), we elected to protect our rights!  This issue needs to be made public so ways to counter it can be found or it will surely spread like an anti-Democratic cancer.

This issue has not yet been covered by the media.

 The Ontario government has legalized censorship and cover-up of government records by using the Freedom Of Information Act (FOI); unethically applying it against those who would hold governments and institutions accountable.  That is right, the City of Mississauga need only make an allegation of guilt by association in order to deny all FOI requests, by Ontarian taxpayers.  The City of Mississauga with the help of the Ontario government is using the Mississauga grassroots community group, the Friends of the Cawthra Bush (FCB), as scapegoats to set frightening legal precedents.  Precedents that affect all Ontarian residents.  These rulings have occurred only because the FCB does not have the money to win justice in the courts.  The rulings are a powerful political weapon that bureaucrats use to hide critical information from public scrutiny; mocking our democratic principles, removing accountability and transparency from government, preventing the public's interests from being served and covering up politicians true intentions.  As well as, destroying the Cawthra Bush.

 The Green Party has tried to aid the community's effort at saving one of the few remaining environmental and Provincially significant forest/wetlands and the last place in Mississauga where the Jefferson Salamander lives, from development, but their FOI request was also denied.  To deny a political party is an affront to the very principles of democracy itself, a democracy that thousands of Canadians have given their lives to create and protect.

Just some of the effects that these rulings have had;

*     Scientific facts are being removed from the decision making process, signalling the return
       to the bad-old-days, when self serving political fabrications were all the public was allowed
       to know.  Environmental issues/concerns will suffer the most!

*    City staff’s attacks on community representatives are not made public, which promotes
      more violence by City staff.  This also aids the politicians in involving the police to carry out
      political agendas.  The facts hidden from voter, ensures these low quality politicians re-election!

*   Profiling of FOI requesters is legalized.   For the purpose of denying access to records,
     persons who are doing research for small groups can now be called "Frivolous & Vexatious"
     FOI requesters because they make a number of FOI requests about one subject, e.g., the
     issue the group is concerned about.  Ironically this makes it unlawful for TAXPAYERS to
     become informed about & involved in, their community by using the FOI Act!

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Mail to;  Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga, Ontario. L4Y 4G2  -  Financial donations are greatly appreciated.

It will make a difference!

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