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Scanned copy, if there are errors, please e-mail me with corrections:

University of Toronto at Scarborough Canada
Surface and Groundwater Ecology Research Group

6th May, 1999

Don Barber,
C/o Friends of the Cawthra Bush

Dear Don,
I have looked at the specimen that you brought in. It is a male fairy shrimp of the species Eubranchipus bundyi Forbes 1876.  This particular species, along with most other anostracan shrimps, is typically found in small, clean water, temporary pond habitats that dry up in the summer This particular species is quite widespread in North America (Alaska to Vermont] and, in Canada, occurs from the Yukon to Quebec.  Although it is widespread, it is not particularly common in southern Ontario.  In the Toronto Region it is becoming rare because of degrading water quality and loss of habitat due to the drainage "improvements" associated with urbanisation and bringing marginal lands into agriculture.

I hope that this information is what you were seeking

Sincerely,  D. Dudley Williams, Ph.D., D. Sc,  Professor of Zoology

University of Toronto at Scarborough Canada
1266 Military Trail
Scarborough Ontario M1G 1A4
Fax, Canada Code + 416 - 287-7423

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