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Dear City of Missassauga;

We at Reptile Life magazine, Canada's only publication devoted to the world of reptiles and amphibians, have recently received notice that you are putting forward an ecosystem management plan for the Cawthra Bush. Devoted as we are to the conservation of wildlife, we are concerned that your plan does not take into account the habitat requirements of the area's salamanders.

Ecosystems such as the Cawthra Bush are at a premium in the enormously impacted Mississauga area. Salamanders are extremely important to such natural systems, as in good habitat they may account for a large percentage of the total biomass (animal life) of such systems. You can imagine the importance they assume in the web of life in such systems as the Cawthra Bush by sheer virtue of their numbers! These creatures are also very sensitive to environmental change. We therefor recommend that any plan for the environmental management of this woodlot which does not provide for the needs of these creatures is inadequate at best.

Salamanders such as the species which occur at Cawthra Bush are often of fragmented occurrence, which means that they may be found only in isolated colonies. This is another reason why the salamanders at the this location are of ecological importance. They may represent a unique, isolated gene-pool of the species involved.

We applaud you for the steps you've taken in recognizing the importance of preserving such habitat fragments as the Cawthra Bush. We urge you to take your efforts "all the way" in providing for the salamanders. Only then will you be able to say that you have truly managed and maintained this ecosystem.

Sincerely - Jonathan Wright/Editor & Publisher

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