A growing concern!
Is the future of Mississauga that of an
Air Pollution Slum?

Has Hazel McCallion sold her soul
the heath & welfare of Mississaugans and their families
to the Province so Mississauga can be
separated from the Region of PEEL?

!! Dropping power plants like bombs on Mississauga's communities !!

If you go to Environment Canada's web site you will be able to get a list of more than 150 industries in Mississauga and their reported pollution output. The latest numbers are for 2004 and they are self-reported by the industries. The numbers shown are not independently measured by either Environment Canada or an independent source.

Hazel watchers know that if there is one thing the Mayor wants regardless of cost,
it is Mississauga as a stand alone City, to complete "her work" to be the first woman in Canadian history to be able to claim to have given birth to a City.

BUT, at what cost to the taxpayers & their loved ones?
The Province wants more than our fair share of power plants and other major sources of pollution in and
ringing Mississauga with this burden;

Ratepayers groups in Mississauga that fight power plants are
Coalition of Homeowners for Intelligent Power - CHIP


Sherway Power Plant - Greenfield South   2010 - 2011 - update

In the North;

Sithe Global Power's Goreway Drive Generating Station, by the 407, is under construction.  It will start to produce power sometime in late summer 2007.  It will not be completed and fully operational until 2009.

- There is the garbage incinerator that has operated for years in Mississauga, that also generates electricity, Algonquin Power Energy From Waste Facility, at 7656 Bramalea Road, Brampton, just below the 407. 

- The Airport - GTAA with the exhaust from it jets and which sometimes dump their fuel over lake Ontario. 

- Other major sources of pollution in Mississauga are automobile and truck exhausts on Lakeshore Road, the Queen Elizabeth Way, Highways 403, 401 and 407.  Far better transit would help this on going and growing problem.

- There is also a small gas power generating station, 60 to 117 megawatts that runs daily at the Airport, from about Feb. 2006.

- There is the TransAlta Energy Cogeneration Plant, a 108-megawatt facility located next to Pearson International Airport (
2740 Derry Rd. at Airport Rd.) which has been in service from about 1990.

In the South;

- The two largest sources of pollution in south Mississauga, and amongst the largest in Ontario, are St. Lawrence Cement and the Petro Canada lubricants plant on Southdown Road.

Another Sithe Energy power plant, its Southdown Station, already approved but not built.  It has received its environmental approvals from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment in 2001 but has not proceeded to date because it has not obtained a contract from the Ontario Power Authority.

- It has been reported that
The Ministry of the Environment is completing the Clarkson Air Shed Study in which it will list the major air polluters in south Mississauga.  The study has been four years in collecting and analyzing data. This report will likely be made public in late November.  After the Nov. 13, 2006, election so its data can not be used by voters when they make their minds up as to who they are going to vote for.

- Enersource Mississauga and OPG have announced a letter of intent to work together on a proposal for a gas-fired generating station on the site of the former Lakeview coal plant.  The possible size of this plant is being speculated as ranging from 550 to 900 MW, no definite size has been agreed on at this date.

In the East;

- Eastern Power continues to hold a contract from the Ontario Power Authority for a 280 MW gas-fired station on Loreland Avenue in the Dixie Road/Queensway area of Mississauga. 

Dr. Boyd Upper  is Mississauga's expert on power plants in Mississauga and this is a quote from him about questions I raised during public meeting - no wonder Hazel and her crew do not want me asking questions of them - "Don B - I thought your question about burning oil was a good one. It followed logically from the admission in Eastern Power's hand out at their Open House that while they would primarily burn gas they would burn oil when gas was not available. What they did not say, of course, is that oil (depending on grade) is a lot cheaper than natural gas and produces more pollution than natural gas. Ontario Power Generation"s Lennox plant near Kingston can burn either oil or gas. Two summers ago in the heat wave Lennox burned oil because it was cheaper even though they could have burned natural gas. Bunker oil, used by some industries as a fuel, puts out four times as much pollution as natural gas but it is used extensively because it is cheaper. Neither the industries doing this nor the Ministry of the Environment see anything wrong with this practice because even with huge additional discharges of pollution these industries still fall below the Ontario Air Quality guidelines. What Ontario needs as a starter is a much tougher air quality standard and the adoption of continuous pollution reduction by all licenced polluters."

Eastern Power operates two natural gas generating stations, each producing 15 MW of electricity by burning methane generated on landfill sites in Pickering and Vaughan.

- Toronto - OPG and Trans Canada Pipelines have been awarded a contract to develop a 550 MW gas-fired generating station on the Portlands in Toronto.

In the West;

- What blows in from Hamilton, depending on winds.

- Four companies have currently submitted proposals to the Ontario Power Authority for a 600 MW gas-fired generating station within a radius of a couple of kilometres of the Trafalgar Transformer Station in the area of Trafalgar Road and Derry Road in Halton County.

Pollution coming into southern Ontario from the USA is usually described as being 50% of our total pollution.  Unable to verify that percentage anywhere.  Elliot Spitzer, the Attorney General of New York State, has for years criticized Ontario for the impact of pollution on New York State from OPG's Nanticoke coal station on the north shore of Lake Erie.  Environment Canada says 88% of Nanticoke's pollution falls in the United States. Environment Canada also reports that the wind patterns in southern Ontario are primarily from the west and northwest for eight months a year.  If pollution generated on the north shore of Lake Erie falls primarily in New York State and the wind patterns for 2/3 of the year are blowing from the west and northwest then it is a puzzling statement that 50% of the pollution in our area comes from the Ohio River Valley and the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

The air-shed in Mississauga is already pumped TOO full of pollution. 

Has the Mayor made a deal to accept power plants into Mississauga in exchange for Mississauga's separation from the Region of Peel?

Why will the Mayor not go on the record saying beyond a doubt that she will fight by all means possible to stop more high volume pollution sources like power plants?
Stop dancing around the issue Madam Mayor and go on the records with
more than this statement.

Consider this - "The authority received four bids --- two in Milton, one in Halton Hills and one in Oakville --- and will make a
decision Nov. 15, two days after the municipal election."

That is right, just after the election the decision will be made.
How very nice for the incumbents and their re-election efforts!
The article from which the quote was pulled.

The Ministry of the Environment is completing the Clarkson Air Shed Study
in which it will list the major air polluters in south Mississauga.

The study has been four years in collecting and analyzing data.
This report will likely be made public in late November.

Another case the the
Province withholding very important information
till after the Nov. 13, election
so that voters can not use it in making their minds up as to who to vote for?

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